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Wearable Art

Bliss Rox is the culmination of Aravel Garduno's many years as a fine jewelry designer and jewelry manufacturer.  Her love of gems and beauty can be seen and felt in all her creations. 

It is Aravel's joy to present these unique works of wearable art. 


Our Intention

Our intention is that every time someone wears a Bliss Rox creation they will feel special.

Each piece has been made with a conscious focus

on it beautifying, enhancing and uplifting the wearer.



Our jewelry pieces are created using precious metals and exceptional gemstones selected for their aesthetic quality and rarity.  

Every piece is crafted by our master artisans, where we meticulously attend to every stage of the production process. 

We certify that all Bliss Rox Fine Jewelry pieces are made of Gold 18K (750%) 22K (900%) Platinum (950 %) Designer Fine Sterling Silver (925%).


Cosmically Inspired Handcrafted 18K Gold and Platinum Creations.

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